Over these past 5 years with the Warrior Commission I’ve come into a new place, one I never imagined could be so wonderful and full. Papa has proceeded to bring me up the mountain and I’ve discovered things about Him and myself, things that have made me stronger, as I’ve had to shed baggage that wasn’t needed, and then, I discovered things I did need for my life journey. I’ve found just who I am and Who I belong to!!

So I want to share a little of where I’m at right now as I see my training has been profitable and can see actual transformation in my life.

This past year brought us to the Texas Hill Country and things started out rolling along quite well,  we purchased property and started building a house…BUT  THEN…this fall it seemed the bottom fell out.

We discovered our well driller did not drill the water well properly, but took our money and didn’t say a thing.  When we found out the issue, he comes back and “tries” to fix it and again fails to do so and doesn’t say a word to us.  Then I wake up to discover my husband cannot stand, move or get around one morning, his joints and body aching terribly for no apparent reason. He’s the carpenter dude and we ’re set to move  in less than 4 weeks.  There is so much to do yet and I don’t know how to even swing a hammer straight!

My car breaks down and of course my mechanic, my husband, can’t work on it in his condition. We apply for internet service for the new house and are told there are no available ports and won’t have internet for a few months at least. This is also my husband’s income for us…web page design and development. Now we get even more news as we pursue the well driller, to come get this well right, and we find he has committed suicide!

Why do I tell you all of this? Not for your pity, not even for your prayers…because through it all, my warrior training has been propelling me forward in joy, peace, patience, kindness, all the fruits,  yes…even self control!!

You know, Papa has had me for a few months in Song of Solomon again… which happens to be my favorite book of the Bible.  Of course it’s a look at love, I seem to focus on the verse on the little foxes …

Song of Solomon 2:15    The Passion Translation

You must catch the troubling foxes, those sly little foxes that hinder our relationship. For they raid our budding vineyard of love, to ruin what I’ve planted within you. Will you catch them and remove them for me? We will do it together.

Papa began to show me all these little foxes that the enemy sent to kill, to steal, my joy, my peace, my kindness, to destroy my garden of intimacy with Him.

As I yield to Holy Spirit I’ve seen Him come and be the peace I needed, that kindness and goodness towards the well driller, giving him a lunch as he worked,   the patience toward an ill husband, and the beat goes on…

Holy Spirit has been my faithful companion in this  time of war.  But I’ve found rest.

I get to hide under the shadow of His wing as I let Him have my will, my way, my motives and desires, all of me and submit to His marvelousness. His ways are so much higher than mine.  I have learned where to run, how to run and, most importantly, why to run to the Lover of my soul.

It is He that keeps me and guards me, protects and provides for me! And all of these things I have learned by embracing the truths I’ve gleaned in my intimate time with Him, and in using the tools I’ve discovered in Warrior Commission, on Champions Team, with my fellow comrades… my identity, my new man, His nature resident in me,  embracing those blessings that He has hidden in each circumstance of my journey.

I’ve learned what it means to be a Champion…it’s not a glamorous title, but a representation of One who lives on the inside of me.  One who gave when it wasn’t convenient,  One who chose another’s will instead of his own, One who doesn’t quit or give up when things get hard or uncomfortable.

Not all my circumstances have changed in the natural, BUT I HAVE changed  in my inner man and I wouldn’t change any of it for a million dollars. Those in my circle here see a change. They ask me how can I keep a smile, my joy, my peace. It’s not mine, but His and it’s showing!!

Do I get it right all the time…oh golly no!  But, more and more  frequently  I  hear His voice calling me on the inside….”do as David did…encourage yourself in the Lord.”

My husband and I are closer,  my car is fixed,  our  neighbor  has tapped us into his well for the time being. Papa is providing, but the best provision is what has happened on the inside of me.

I encourage you to embrace your learning with all your embracing,  climb your mountain with gusto, get out of your box and even off the map…follow where He leads you,  you won’t regret it!!   I wanna  say  “thank you to my team mates, my fellow warriors and most of all…to my Papa, who has made His home in me.”

Thanks guys!
Debby Schmidt

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